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Digital office service for my company

Individual corporate support completely digitalized

Client support

Whether by phone, by e-mail or by chat, we take over your entire customer support and this completely digital!


You want to outsource your call center and digitize it completely? Acquisition, research, customer demand? We take care of all your the phone calls!


Research on the World Wide Web. Do you need specific information for specific projects? Leave us searching!


Digitalization of your sales. Outsourced but integrated! You set the path and we take care of the sale.


You would like to translate your homepage, menu or documents? From English, Spanish, Italian, French and back, there are no limits!


Search Engine Optimizing for your company page? Whether on- or off-page, we push you forward on Google!


Whether texts for your blog, product descriptions or advertisements for your customers, we create the right content for you!


You need a company logo or graphics for your online presence? We develop the necessary “eye-catchers” for you!

What is digital office service ?

“Digital officeservice” means all office activities that can be carried out remotely or location-independently for companies. The “digital employee” does not have to be physically present in the office. This form of digital operation saves costs and offers complete flexibility!

My company on the pulse of time

Digitalization is embedded in all areas of our modern day life

Digitaler Büroservice optimiert Geschäftsprozesse und hilft Unternehmen wie eine Rakete durchzustarten

Whether it was the commercialization of the Internet in 1989 or the sale of the first smartphone in 1995, digitization is progressing steadily.

Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Co., which are used both privately and commercially, now serve as a digital communication channel.

Online banking or online payment systems such as PayPal are commonplace today. Online shipping via AMAZON replaces long walks on shopping streets. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are on the rise.

For many companies, using digital staff, e-workers or virtual assistants etc. is the answer of digitization in the workplace!

Benefits of a digital office service

Maximum support for my company through digital officeservice, flexible and individual.

Das sind die Vorteile eines digitalen Büroservices

Cost reduction

By integrating digital work models into my company, I save money in several places at the same time!

Full flexibility

I only use my digital staff when I really need it.

Best quality

Because my digital employee is an entrepreneur himself, my success is also his success. Best quality of work is always in the focus!

More time

A high work life balance is the end result of using a digital employee. Modern information and communication technologies make this possible today.

New !

The own website for my company

.....convenient and individual

We from create optimized websites. Tailored to your company and your industry.

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What do others say about digitalization?

Innovation as a modern business solution

Rene Blaschek ist Geschäftsführer von und bietet seinen Kunden digitalen Büroservice als Unternehmenslösung an

René Angelo Blaschek


“Digitalization has been going on for a long time and is always moving forward. Innovation is the constant companion of our society. The world of work is definitely changing. New information and communication technologies open up unprecedented opportunities for entrepreneurs as well as for employees! The use of digital employees helps companies reduce costs while optimizing business processes. Ultimately, that’s what a business owner wants. I think openness about digitization is one of the first steps towards the future! “

Kimberly Blaschek unterstützt als Assistent of Management bei Unternehmen bei der Umsetzung von digitalem Büroservice

Kimberly Blaschek

Assistant of Management

“Personally, I am convinced that digitization brings benefits that can not be ignored, which is why more and more entrepreneurs are looking to deploy digital employees who can be integrated into multiple business areas at the same time. I think it is important to have the willingness to question old ways of thinking and a little courage to be carried away by the new digital revolution! “

Dr. Harald Mahrer äussert sich zum Thema Digitalisierung

Dr. Harald Mahrer

State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy

“We want to actively shape digital progress for citizens, businesses and society. Austria should remain economically successful and as many people as possible should be able to participate in the prosperity. Education, research and innovation as well as an efficient digital infrastructure are the prerequisites for Austria’s way into the digital age. We have no time to lose. Let’s go together! “

How i get digital office service?

The integration of digital office services into your own company is simple, fast and flexible!

Download our form and send it to us by e-mail

Arrangement of a personal appointment via telephone or videoconference

Get a personalized quote 

You and your digital employee get started!

Die Vereinbarung zum digitalen Büroservice geht rasch und unkompliziert

Why not digitalize your company too!

Keep up with our modern times and enjoy the benefits of digitization for your business